In this session you will learn the different types of jobs you can create. This session will cover the information on Air Monitoring, Bulk Sample and Encapsulation job types.


The first part of the session will show you the steps of creating and terms of an Air Monitoring job.

An Air Monitoring job is a job where you collect various documents during the monitoring on the site. Since there may be asbestos powder released in the air before, during or after handling samples, Air Monitoring helps surveyors remove the threat of asbestos powder.

You can read more about creating Air Monitoring jobs by clicking here .


The second part of the session will cover all information needed to know when creating a Bulk Sample job.

You can pick up samples during an Asbestos Survey job or a Bulk Sample job. The difference being a Bulk Sample job only allows you to pick up a sample and enter data for that sample. In other words - if you are interested in a sample and nothing else, a Bulk Sample job is in order.

You can read more about creating Bulk Sample jobs by clicking here .


In the final part of the session you will learn how to create an Encapsulation job.

If the cost is too big, or an area is unreachable/dangerous, you may want to do an Encapsulation job instead, this will close off the harmful materials without risk of it getting out.

You can read more about creating Encapsulation jobs by clicking here .