In this session you will learn the different types of jobs you can create. This session will cover the information on Re-Inspection and Removal jobs.


In the first part of the session a Re-Inspection job will be created.​ 

A Re-Inspection job can be created for a property that has already been surveyed, this is usually done when you need to update any data that has already been collected. There is a no change facility that allows you to keep some of the inspections that have been done previously unchanged, while adding any new data to other inspections. 

You can read more about creating Re-Inspections by clicking here .


The second part of the session will cover information on how to create a Removal job.

A Removal job allows you to add removal lists. This is similar to Re-Inspections, where inspections are changed to removal jobs. This means you also need previous data for the same property and you can update previous inspections as removals.

You can read more about creating Removal jobs by clicking here .