Since training is such a key element in any software implementation project, PSI has introduced an extensive and up to date range of onsite courses. Exclusive training at client site provides a focused and cost effective approach to improving the skills and productivity of staff. Standard courses are designed to provide competence at all levels including data entry users, external surveyors and consultants, managers and administrators. Full training kits (including material, exercises etc.) are available for Value Added Reseller Partners so that they can run the courses for their client.


One of the most important requirements for any enterprise system is the ability to share data with other relevant information systems within the client organisation through easy integration. In the case of PSI solutions and depending on the system this may range from links to Property Management systems, Asset Management systems, Works Order system or Corporate Personnel system. PSI's open architecture and standards-based approach to design helps simplify integration with other enterprise applications. PSI applications provide a single, uniform way to access and publish important data both to and from other enterprise systems. PSI's applications can integrate with most enterprise information systems through a common import/export protocol. When necessary, custom links can be built to achieve more complex integration.


Organisations are unique and have very different Health & Safety needs. For this reason most components of AMS are customisable allowing our consultants to configure the software to match the exact business process and terminology used in client organisations. Our customisation services can range from changing field labels and risk logarithms to creating organisation specific report templates and more. The installation and roll out of the PSI enterprise systems can be at times lengthy and involved. To ensure quick and easy installation and roll out across the organisation we offer a comprehensive installation and configuration service.​


All our software systems are fully supported with dedicated help desk support staff. Our aim is to provide clients with services that go well beyond the industry standards. From the outset, we will assign an account manager to be the client's internal champion within PSI. As members of our support program clients will have unlimited access to our help desk. They will be entitled to service updates and enhancements to software released from time to time. Support & Maintenance Service members can also benefit from our remote link support service.