1. If the session timeout happens the user can log back from the same machine without a need to unlock the user for admin
  2. Improve speed of data entry for Inspection in JMS by redesigning the screen
  3. Improve speed of data entry for Inspection in JMS by adding a new button Finish & New
  4. Facility for adding as many certificates documents as required
  5. More efficient way for managing attachments
  6. Facility to distinguish if the user is a user or just a resource is implemented


  1. Validation to prevent user to change password to current password
  2. Error message for when a property is locked
  3. Saving Job issue for when the Property list was not updated
  4. Issue with Report Page order based on configuration
  5. Job address was removed from Job Info
  6. Job Delete in Chrome
  7. Inspection Delete in Chrome
  8. Issue with Job Ticket for properties that have numeric UPRN
  9. Logon error message for active session is changed
  10. Import issue for long attachment file name
  11. Exporting Job to Excel
  12. Auto reference for attachments
  13. Creating user without confirming password
  14. Saving an Inspection with attachment with long file name
  15. Mandatory Start and Completion due date
  16. Multiple drawings in reports
  17. Exporting Inspections to Excel
  18. Uploading jobs with invalid coordinator
  19. Saving inspection
  20. Displaying multiple messages when Inspection Photo failed
  21. Historical Data Report
  22. Editing inspection at Completed and Released Approved for editing
  23. Accessing previous data during Removal and Encapsulation
  24. Attaching job document
  25. Deleting users
  26. Property grid
  27. Jobs without no service provider assigned and adding Inspections
  28. Message when deleting Inspection
  29. Assigning Service Provider in Job Info screen
  30. Quick action for Inspection
  31. Updating To Do
  32. Property synchronisation between AMS and JMS
  33. Loading DCR
  34. Using historical main photo for inspections
  35. Certification for completed job
  36. Attaching documents and job status
  37. Deleting inspection and deleting photos attached
  38. Checking for location used for To Do
  39. Adding main photo for Job with status approved
  40. Job Ticket displaying no of photos and drawings
  41. Job update info
  42. Adding Service Provider
  43. Showing Report for To Do