1. Edit locations for historical data

  2. Allow adding custom locations

  3. Confirm popup for QC passed and release approve

  4. All jobs can be released only by attaching a document

  5. Renamed the “My Job” button in data check failed screen to “Job List”

  6. Sample ref. is checked in the application when adding a new inspection



  1. In setup, the scroll bar disappears after changing the size of the browser window

  2. Job list redundant filter values have been removed

  3. Email process fixed where in cases the email is sent to the wrong user

  4. Updating job information will not update the job status when job is opened

  5. Inspection upload crashes if property .xml file extension is in capital letters

  6. Inspection form combos do not have empty values

  7. If property has presumed to be asbestos only, job request notifies that the property does not have any data for re-inspection

  8. Lab result screen crashes

  9. Editing a sample taken inspection and re-using the same sample no/ref will not cause an error​

  10. Job upload doesn't get project from user, which causes application crash

  11. Submiting a job no longer  breaks if using more than 3 location levels

  12. Report approved notifications are sent out to correct users

  13. Report rejected status removed from job status filter

  14. Level 4 description does not have a blank value to choose

  15. Clicking on edit location and then closing the inspection, opening another inspection would still leave the edit

  16. When changing service provider as requester flag is not applied

  17. Crashes when going to re-assign/assign after clicking on job list straight away

  18. Removed upload started/failed from job status filter

  19. The group by feature shows the ID rather than the value

  20. ​DIEU doesn't add job ref. to sample number anymore

  21. When uploading a job, if Works required/service provider is selected with a wrong value, an error message doesn't say for which job

  22. If a user leaves the job while being on a page (A) and then opens another job where inspection page (A) doesn't exist, no items will be displayed in the grid