1. You can unlock the users without opening the User Record
  2. Easier user unlocking mechanism implemented in AWT
  3. Save property search in AWT implemented


  1. Filter on documents in document tab
  2. Data Management, editing photo type
  3. Issue with width of the filter on Material for Data Management
  4. Adding Location information on the Register Tree
  5. Chrome issue with detaching photo and drawings
  6.  Register search clear filter button not disabled when filter is not applied
  7. Delete attachment shared between records
  8. Adding property and searching for it
  9. User validation and login
  10. Export from Data Management to Excel
  11. Clean Property in Data Management for resetting Survey Flag
  12. Export to Excel
  13. Viewing photos in Maintenance Screen when scrolling
  14. Scrolling through list for To Do Photos
  15. Blank Notification grid
  16. Filter on Maintenance Screen
  17. Drawing tab layout
  18. Notification tab layout
  19. Photo tab layout
  20. Register E-mail layout
  21. Filter for documents on Register tab
  22. Property tab summary layout
  23. Notification tab layout
  24. Management Summary layout
  25. Maintenance log - Notification tab
  26. Sharing e-mails between users
  27. More info tooltip in Documents table
  28. Delete property in Data Maintenance
  29. Displaying inspection not approved
  30. Property Summary screen layout
  31. Tooltip on Photo in Data Management
  32. Property summary screen
  33. Deleting Inspection via Data Management
  34. Date on Notification
  35. Saving Maintenance Log with Photo
  36. Detail Property Search
  37. Accessing Management menu
  38. Export from Data Management to excel
  39. Historical Report
  40. Deleting job from Data Management
  41. Accessing Risk Assessment files for Maintenance Log