1. User expiration date implemented

  2. Maintenance log, request to amend “Do you have a refurbishment survey suitable for your work?” to “Do you have suitable asbestos survey information for your work?”

  3. Easier way to find AWT users, as well as an indication if the user was created or not

  4. Job deletion implemented

  5. Inspection deletion implemented

  6. Document management implemented

  7. Create/update/clean/delete for properties implemented

  8. Top menu remodeled to fit everything in one line

  9. Data management - Property - Export to excel

  10. Data management - Jobs - Export to excel

  11. Data management - Inspections - Export to excel

  12. Data management - Documents - Export to excel

  13. Data management - Jobs - Implement unrelease approve action

  14. Implemented description column in the document grid to increase usability

  15. Property locking implemented

  16. Auto resize grid columns


  1. If searching with ' quotation mark, the application crashes

  2. Clicking on a note in notification management to open will refresh the page and open a different note

  3. Overall property/job summary allows users to sort the grids but the screen simply refreshes

  4. Sending the register search tree as an email will not display all images

  5. Changing the page size limit in pivot table drilldown will shrink the table

  6. Register tab search tree filter values persist

  7. If a user is logged in, an error message appears that user is already logged and it is still possilble to use AWT

  8. List of documents tab report type/survey type column allows clicking but nothing happens

  9. To do tab filtering fixed

  10. Changing the grid size in pending jobs tab causes the grid to shrink

  11. Management dashboard property overview produces incorrect numbers

  12. Register search performance has been increased and column generation loads correct labels

  13. When accepting general and property agreement, information will be added to the database   

  14. Report Tab - Javascript error message when mouse hovered on more info

  15. Setup - Security - While filtering, pressing Enter will begin creating a new user, rather than executing the filter